Special Education Training and Consulting Servicing (School Base)

Educator Training Services 
Exceptional Consultants provide training services to  district officials, teachers, and paraprofessionals on matters of special education compliance, legal duties and responsibilities. Topics ranging from special education law, best practices , IEP development  and writing are amongst the various trainings provided. Training sessions on IEP implementation throughout the curriculum including specific content areas are available. Employees will be divided according to their expertise, duties and responsibilities.  Individual training for new and veteran teachers on best practices and compliance matters are available. Training will take place at district facilities during contractual hours and non-contractual hours as needed and requested by the district. We will craft training sessions to address key risk areas in hopes of address your districts needs. Our goal is to equip educators with the skills necessary to reduce, OCR (Office of Civil Rights), Due Process Complaints and State Administrative Complaints.
Consulting Services, School Base Training, Compliance Services 
Ensuring that compliance is met is essential to the operation of your district as it pertains to students with disabilities.  From IEP development and implementation, early resolution, mediation and due process hearings, the employees of Exceptional Consultants will be there every step of the way. We will provide compliance services to all district employees at the building level and can appear at IEP meetings to provide support services to teachers and district leadership in real time.  While legal representation is required during court proceedings (i.e. OCR, Office of State Administrative hearings, and Federal Proceedings), ensuring that parental disputes do not escalate beyond the IEP process is essential and paramount to preserving district resources.
Special Education Policies and Procedures 
Developing strong policies and procedures is essential to reducing  parent complaints and ensures that students with disabilities are properly serviced pursuant to their IEP’s. Moreover, within the scope of these policies and procedures, teachers, administrators, and special education practitioners can become aware of  and operate within their contractual and legal  duties and responsibilities. At Exceptional Consultants we pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first and ensuring that students needs remain centered in everything we do. We can develop organizational standard operating procedures to ensure that teachers, paraprofessionals and building based administrators adhere not only to the letter of the law,  but to the spirit of the law.  We can develop a Special Education District Manual that address your specific needs. We can work with special education district administrator to identify areas of need and address these area by strengthening district policies and procedures.  Once developed,  our staff can provided training and support to all district employees.