Parent Advocacy Services

School Related Meetings , Mediation and Hearings 
Our advocates provide advocacy services in all school related matter, which includes but is not limited to attendance at parent conferences, Individual Education Program/Plan Meetings (IEP), Discipline Hearings, Early Resolution Meetings, Mediation and State Administrative Hearings.  Our advocates will assist our clients in developing an education plan that is truly individualized and address their child’s Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).    
Individual Education Program Development 
Our advocates will assist in developing an effective behavior intervention plan (BIP) that is data driven, and addresses your child’s unique and individual needs.  Our team of professionals we will review and evaluate your child’s psychological report and if need be, request for an IEE (Individual Education Evaluation) of your child.  Our team of professional are here to ensure that the rights of your child are protected. 
Parental Support 
An advocate can make all the difference between a successful meeting and a non-successful meeting. School districts are armed with professionals and so should you. Never attend an IEP meeting or disciplinary hearing without an advocate or legal representative on your side.